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Greener Grass Publishing

Besides believing in the dream of a more fulfilling existence, Greener Grass Publishing is a firm believer in Sustainable Access For All. Whether we are talking about a rad boulderfield located on private land, a classic waterfall drop with no public take out, or an epic backcountry couloir with no public trailhead for parking, we all know of secret stashes that should not be broadcast to the masses. Greener Grass Publishing is sensitive to these issues and will never knowingly publish information that will jeopardize future public access to an area or current access to the lucky few who know the landowners. However, Greener Grass Publishingdoes not believe that when a great recreational area lies on public land, and outdoor enthusiasts are free to use that land with the blessing of the land manager or owner, that the selfish desires of the few have a right to dictate to others who can and cannot know about or use that land. It is a goal of Greener Grass Publishing to share knowledge of recreational resources with everyone, and we will work with land owners and managers to continually ensure that we do so in a long-term sustainable fashion.