Deep Creek

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The cliff at Deep Creek is owned and managed by the Cumberland Trail State Park. Deep Creek is named for its namesake watershed that drops through the Cumberland Plateau largely unnoticed until it meets up with the nearby Big Soddy Creek. The creek is small, and the drainage is narrow. This fact creates a lush evergreen environment full of hemlocks, broad leaf magnolias, and rhododendron. This narrow and steep creek has also left rock climbers with a hidden gift: STEEP Southern Sandstone. Rock at Deep Creek is grey in color, high in quality, and offers all-around pumpy and fun routes on predominately overhung angles with slopers, crimps, and HANDJAMS that leave the route inventory at Deep Creek with a 5.11 and up trend. With the exception of a few isolated climbs, the sun rarely penetrates the canopy long enough to cook in the Summer or warm in the Winter. For this reason, Deep Creek is almost entirely a Summer and Fall climbing destination. The Spring would be great except the fact that past logging and mining above the cliff has disrupted the hydrology of the soils above and causes chronic seepage from mid November to mid June that makes the last several bolts of climbing for many routes unclimbable during the wet season.

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