Buzzard Point

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Buzzard Point is considered to be the defining Cumberland trek of the region, and you’ll see why when you make your pilgrimage to this remote destination. Formed by a slender finger of Sandstone thrusting out into the Laurel-Snow Wilderness below, Buzzard Point offers a near 360 degree panoramic display that merges treetops, rock, and sky into one spectacular view. Where at one time it was possible to drive a vehicle virtually to the bluff’s edge, this abuse-prone route has long been shut down, thus necessitating that visitors now make the long but highly rewarding journey from the valley below. With its remote location and extreme lack of climber attention, Buzzard Point is most likely the most adventurous ‘sport crag’ detailed in Chatt Steel. However, do not misconstrue these mere footnotes as an affront on the overall experience of the area, because for those that are willing to walk, chalk, and embrace this forgotten Sandstone land will remember Buzzard Point as the wrongfully neglected gem of Chattanooga Rock Climbing.

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