Suck Creek Canyon

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Suck Creek crags like the Arena and the Concentration Camp are owned and managed by Prentice Cooper WMA and are closed during managed hunts and subject to the additional regulations. Unfortunately, forest service personnel do not (as yet) post any signs indicating these particular areas are closed during managed hunts (either at the mouth of the canyon or at the trailhead for the Concentration Camp.) However, managed hunts are regularly conducted during the spring and fall months. I recommend you save yourself a chalk bag full of grief and call the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency at 1-800-262-6704 or 615-484-9571, to get the year’s hunt dates before making plans.

If Prentice Cooper is closed for a hunt, don’t even think about slipping in! Forest service personnel will not be amused, and the $130 fine they levy for trespassing could pay for 1) a handful of brass nuts, 2) a tank of gas, and 3) a couple of pitchers of Big River’s Vienna Ale (my favorite beer of all time.) I’m speaking from personal experience.

All of the rock on the right side of the Canyon is not part of the Prentice Cooper, so you have carte blanche. This serendipitous fact can come in handy if you’ve headed out for a day of cragging at the Tennessee Wall, the Promised Land, Crystal Buttress or the left side of the Suck Creek Canyon … and have the misfortune to discover these cliffs are closed to climbing for another managed hunt. Instead of heading to the climbing gym to pump some plastic you can simply switch to back up Plan B: visit any one of the five areas on the right side of Suck Creek.

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