Sunset Park

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If you were drawn to Sunset based on how promising the NPS owned and managed crag looked from the valley —you would likely be disappointed. Framed by trees, a lackluster, ash gray cliff line spans the northwest tip of Lookout Mountain. To be sure, there are a couple of eye-catching features including: Sunset Rock, the Space Ranger Buttress, The Towers, and a few taller outcrops towards the southern end of the crag—but by and large, Sunset appears like scores of other middlin’ cliffs sprinkled throughout the region: a cobwebbed sandstone bank bereft of vertical treasure. As luck would have it, however, Sunset holds significant reserves of world class rock. I envy you if this is your first trip to the area; get ready to ransack a rock vault replete with nearly three hundred climbs and a king’s ransom in bouldering. If you’re a long-time Sunset regular, I trust you’ll pocket a couple of “newly minted coins of the realm” you might have missed previously.

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